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October 25-27, 2019

Apply to Exhibit

Booth Options & Fees

Booth Type10' x 10'10' x 20'
Outdoor Space, Own White Cover$775$1525
Individual Rental Tent$975$1950
Sharing Fee$225$225

Booth & Exhibition Details

  • Outdoor Space, Own Cover: Each exhibitor must provide their own white pop-up tent or cover. No electric.
  • Individual Rental Tent: Commercial tent is provided. No electric.
  • Sharing Fee: Sharing of booths and spreading at this location has become excessive, and is making the event look shabby to attendees. Sharers must be vetted like any official vendor, sign their own release and application and follow all the rules and regulations in place for the event. The booth owner is responsible for paying the $225 sharing fee and is responsible for all actions, sales, and behavior of the sharer. Anyone bringing merchandise of their own that does not belong to the booth owner is considered a sharer.

Application Information

There is no fee to be vetted and no deadline for applying to the Fair.  Antiques and artisan applications are considered until Fair or category is full.  Deposit will not be taken until vendor is accepted.


  • Vendors who exhibited at 2018 Atlanta fair will be accepted without vetting if application is received before February 1, 2019, category is not full, and acceptance has been approved by Country Living Magazine.
  • Applications of prior vendors received after February 1 will be subject to vetting with new applicants.
  • Photos are not necessary if type of merchandise has not changed since previous participation in any fair.
  • Do not bring merchandise you were not vetted for.


  • New applicants to the fair will not be notified until after March 15, 2019.
  • New vendors will be vetted once a month for appropriateness to event and as space and category allows.
  • New vendors must include a booth image from a previous show as well as pictures of items to be considered. Do not send samples.
  • Applications received by the 1st of each month will receive notice of status either way towards the end of the same month (i.e. application received by March 1, notice at end of March; received by Apr. 1, notice at end of Apr.; etc.) until category or event is full.
  • Management reserves the right to reject applicants without explanation to preserve the image of the event and to balance types of exhibits.

If you are a Specialty Foods vendor, Food Concession Stand or Food Truck and would like information on how to participate, please contact Michele Oswald at 973-808-5015 or by email

If you are a commercial business looking for opportunities to engage with Country Living Fair attendees, please see our sponsorship opportunities.


Applications are accepted online and by mail. Click one of the links below to begin.