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May 31, June 1 & 2, 2019

Information and Forms for Accepted Exhibitors

Marketing and Early Bird Special Form
Badge Order Form
Equipment Order Form


SET UP HOURS: Wednesday, May 29 from 1 pm to 6 pm and Thursday, May 30 from 8 am to 6 pm. All booths must be checked in by 2pm on Thursday.

SHOW HOURS: Friday, Saturday 8:30 am to 5 pm and Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm.

Early Bird ticket holders will enter at 8:30 am on Friday & Saturday mornings and 10 am on Sunday.

VENDOR HOURS:  Wednesday 1 pm to 6 pm, Thursday 8 am to 6 pm, Friday 7 am to 5 pm, Saturday 7 am to 5 pm and Sunday 8:30 am to 11 pm.



ATM’s– there are 4 on site, see Fair map for locations

BADGES: If you have not yet submitted the names of your helpers and workers, please do so before May 20 so we can get them in your check in packet. You can email the names to us or use the online form.  If you request badges at the Fair, they will be handwritten, and you will have to wait to pick up at a later time.


We appreciate the thought, hard work and creativity that you all put forth in your booth displays and so do the visitors who come to the Fair looking for inspiration!  We encourage everyone to embellish your booths with seasonal plants and flowers (which may be for sale).  Think of the “Country Living Lifestyle” and then bring it to life! We ask that no handwritten signs are posted unless they are a super cute, professional part of your display.

We also expect to see in your booth what was indicated on your application and what your business was vetted for.  For example, if you are not a vetted soap or jewelry vendor, please do not bring soap or jewelry to the Fair.  We work hard to carefully vet applicants so as not to have too many in any one category and to insure success for all.  Ask us if you are uncertain.
Stella Show Mgmt. Co. reserves the right to demand removal by Exhibitors of any items which may not be in keeping with the show’s image. Stella Show Mgmt. Co. reserves the right to make the rules and regulations it deems proper and necessary. The Exhibitor agrees to accept such rules and regulations and any interpretation as is set forth by Stella Show Mgmt. Co.    Magazines or subscriptions to magazines other than those owned by Hearst may not be sold at the Country Living Fair.  Branded Country Living Fair items may only be sold by Country Living and Stella Show Mgmt. Co.  For more information on how to produce branded Country Living Fair items for Country Living see Michele or Dot for contact information.

  • The show is spread out in the Horticulture area of the Fairgrounds; all of the spots are well traveled.  Don’t forget, it’s an indoor/outdoor event on fields and in buildings & barns, some spots may be uneven. It’s Nature!
  • Please keep your area clear of trash; garbage bags will be available at the Fair Information Office if you do not have your own.  We must leave this site in the same condition we found it.
  • This venue recycles – please use the proper receptacles for trash. All cardboard needs to be folded and placed near a recycling bin.

BOOTH GUIDELINES: Electric was only available if pre-ordered for covered barns and indoor spaces.  There will be a plug near your booth.   You should bring UL designated extension cords.

Covered Barn: this space comes with no equipment.  Tables  are available for these spaces. Order via the online form on our website or email, fax or call your order in, ASAP.  You may bring your own equipment.

The booth floor in Barns 29, 30, 34, 35, 36 and 39 are packed dirt with pine shavings. The backs of these booths are open to the outside so it is strongly advised that you consider this part of your display and make it look attractive to visitors who will walk in the areas outside the barns. Even though the barns have an overhang at the edge, you may want to take precautions for inclement weather at night. Booths are side by side, set along paved pathway in center of barn. There are no corners, only ends.  There are open beams above the booths and you should consider the height of your display not to exceed 8’ tall and to be attractive to your neighbor and the outside.

The booth floor in Barns 37 and 38 are paved.  The booths are back to back and side to side in the center and edge of these barns.

 Indoor Space: this space comes with no equipment.  Tables  are available for these spaces. Order via the online form on our website or email, fax or call your order in, ASAP.  You may bring your own equipment.  The floors are cement.  Booths are inside these fully enclosed buildings, side to side and some back to back.  The ceiling is very high, but if your display exceeds 8’ tall you should make the back or sides of it attractive to your neighbor.  Indoor barns are numbered 22 and 31.

 Outdoor Space: this space comes with no equipment.  You must bring your own equipment (white tent, tables, chairs, etc.)  Electric is not available. These spaces are 20’x20’ and will be on a grassy area.  Tent stakes cannot be longer than 12”.

 Group Tent: this space comes with no equipment or electric.  There are no walls or backdrops between the booths unless you bring or order them. Tables  are available for these spaces. Order via the online form on our website or email, fax or call your order in, ASAP.  You may bring your own equipment. You will be in a tent on pavement with several other vendors.  Spaces will be back to back and side to side down the center of the tent.  A clear perimeter walkway must be left for visitors in case of inclement weather or to be out of the sun.

BREAKDOWN:  Sunday evening 5:30 pm to 11:00 pm.  All booths must be kept intact during all contracted and publicly advertised show hours.  You will receive a pass from a Stella Show staff person when you are all packed and ready to load.  Do not try to bring your vehicle into the exhibit area until you are fully packed, ready to load, and have received the pass from a staff person.  This works best for everyone’s safety.  Additional load out details will be distributed at the Fair.

Don’t pack early on Sunday!  We know Sunday is slower and can be challenging but please don’t pack or bring packing materials into your booth until after 5pm, no matter how slow you perceive the Fair to be.  It only becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, and Sundays become slower and slower each year when vendors pack early.  If you cannot remain set-up until 5 pm (no matter your perception of business) please advise and we will fill your booth with a vendor from the waiting list. 

CHANGE: There is no change on site, come prepared with proper denominations for the weekend.

CUSTOMER ASSISTANCE: A Customer Large Item Pick Up area will be designated.  Customers will not be allowed to drive into the show area during show hours but staff with dollies will be able to assist with large items.   We have a Porter Pick Up tag system to have our staff bring large items to Large Item Pickup for you and your customers.  There will be a sample tag in the envelope with your badges when you check in and you can get more at the Fair Information Office. Please read and be sure you understand the Large Item Pick Up instructions before the Fair starts, so that once you get busy and have to use the system, you know exactly what to do and don’t keep your customers waiting.

We also offer complimentary bag check for visitors in a centrally located area on Main St across from the Fair Information Office as well as at the Bag Check Tent near the Large Item Pickup area.

FAIR INFORMATION OFFICE: Located on Main Street and reachable at 973-808-5015.  We always have someone posted in this office to help answer vendor and visitor questions.  This is where you can pick up badges, extra vehicle passes and ask questions or send visitors with questions.  All questions on equipment and supplies must go through Stella Show Mgmt., do not ask facility staff for help or materials.

FIRST AID: the on-site EMT’s have a station by Row 23 towards the ends of Barns 29 & 28. First Aid can also be reach by anyone with a Stella walkie talkie or by calling the Fair Info Office at 973-808-5015

 FOOD SERVICE: there will be many booths of different types of foods available.  Veteran vendors to the Fairs know that lines can be long at peak times.  To help assist vendors, many of the food booths will have a vendor only line.

 HARVEST MARKET SPACES:  Harvest Market vendors that are sampling need to obtain a Health Department permit—this information was sent via email.

Outdoor Space: this space comes with no equipment.  You must bring your own equipment (white tent with weights, tables, chairs, etc.)  Electric is not available. These spaces are 10’x 10’ or 10’x 20’ and will be on pavement.

Indoor Space: this space comes with no equipment.  Tables  are available for these spaces.  Order via the online form on our website or email, fax or call your order in, ASAP.  You may bring your own equipment. The floors are cement.  Booths are side to side and back to back around the perimeter of the fully enclosed building.  The ceiling is very high, but if your display exceeds 8’ tall you should make the back or sides of it attractive to your neighbor.

Individual Tent: this space comes with the size tent you asked for.  The tent will have already been constructed in your spot when you arrive.  Individual tents come with full tent sides all around that can be rolled up or down depending on the weather.    No tables, chairs, electric or walls are included.  Order via the online form on our website or email, fax or call your order in, ASAP.  You may bring your own equipment.

HOTELS/CAMPING: Hotels are filling up.  The Lodging information is posted on If you would like to reserve camping, click here . Camping should be reserved in advance or the rate is higher.

LOADING IN:  Please follow the direction of our staff in yellow Stella safety vests.  They are here to insure a smooth and safe setup for all vendors.  As you drive along Route 9 you will see signs for vendor load-in.  At the Check In tent, you will receive your vehicle pass and badges. Please do not be concerned if we pull in a vehicle that is behind you in line.  We pull in vehicles in the order that there is space available for unloading in various areas on the grounds. We try to get you as close as possible to your space, but you may want to bring your own dolly in case you are loading from a distance.  We will move you in as quickly as possible. Please unload your vehicles as quickly as possible and see our staff to remove your vehicle from the loading areas so others may drive in.

Helpers that just need to park not unload; will be directed to a designated exhibitor parking area.  It is the booth owner’s responsibility to make sure helpers have a vehicle pass and badges.

MERCHANDISE IDENTIFICATION: We ask that all antiques and reproductions be properly identified.

NO SMOKING within the show areas!

PARKING FOR VENDORS:  Vendors, helpers and workers will park in the designated exhibitor parking area with your vehicle pass in your windshield.  Our staff will be able to direct you there when you are finished unloading.  Your vehicles will be accessible at all times.  Make sure your vehicles are locked while in the parking lots, there is no security. Please do not use spots that could be used by customers.  Once the show is closed, you should park at your hotel.

We will record the license plates of all trailers at the Check In Tent so that if we need to have the trailer moved or contact you for any reason we know who to contact.  Extra vehicle passes are available at Vendor Check In or the Fair Information Office.

PETS: there is a strict NO PETS policy at this facility.

PORTERS:  We will have very limited porter staff.  We recommend you bring your own staff if possible.  Porters are not experienced movers and are not familiar with fragile products or antiques. See Stella Traffic Staff (wearing yellow safety vests) in the loading area to obtain porter help when you arrive.  If you choose to use their help, it is your responsibility to supervise the safe loading and unloading of your merchandise. A modest tip is customary.  Show porters can only work with a dealer to unload or load merchandise, which typically is about 20 minutes to an hour.  They are not permitted to set up your booth.  If you need more help than this, you need to hire someone.

RESTOCKING: You can restock by hand carrying or using a small dolly during any vendor or Fair hours. Vendor parking is close by and accessible during show hours if you need to carry in items. Vendors will be allowed to drive into the show area only between the hours of 7 am and 7:45 am on Friday and Saturday to restock. On Sunday, restocking with a vehicle will be allowed only from 8:30 am to 9:15 am.  The show areas must be clear of vehicles 30 minutes before we open to the public.   All vehicles must be moved to vendor parking as soon as possible after unloading.  Vehicles are not allowed in the show areas when the public is present.

SECURITY:  This is an open booth exhibition. Security of your merchandise is your responsibility.  The best security is for you or your representative to be in your booth during all vendor hours.  We will have security overnight at the show site.  No one will be permitted in the tents, barns, buildings or the exhibit areas after closing or before opening to exhibitors on show days.  Please do not enter the tents, barns, buildings or the exhibit areas in the morning until they have been opened by Stella Show Mgmt. Co. staff.  Security personnel will patrol the grounds during non-show hours.  No one may enter exhibit areas while the show is closed.  If you left a necessity in your booth, request an escort by security or management.

Be aware of your surroundings and others around you.  It is recommended to change up your money handling procedures each day- don’t be predictable.  Do not leave money or valuables in your unattended vehicle at any time especially after leaving the Fair at breakdown. It is much safer to have in your booth where you or your helpers are at all times.  It is not advisable to leave your vehicle pass in your windshield while away from the Fair.

SHIPPER: There is a UPS Store across the street from the Fairgrounds (845-876-3357). There is no shipper on site.

SPREADING RULES: this venue is also concerned with the implications of spreading and how it affects egress.  They will insist that aisles, walkways and egresses are kept clear of merchandise, chairs and display materials.

Please be aware that we and the Fairgrounds management will strictly enforce spreading at the fair.  At the other fairs, vendors have been excessively spreading merchandise outside of the booth markings to the extent that it has become difficult for loading and unloading and actually DANGEROUS and uncomfortable for attendees.  Aisles and pathways are measured to leave room for attendees to comfortably move between the booths and for them to be able to exit swiftly and/or for an emergency vehicle to move through in case of incident.

TAXES & RECEIPTS:  Local sales tax is 8.125%.  To apply for an NY tax number contact  It can take some time to receive the number and the application should be completed 20 days prior to the event. You must have a NY State Sales tax number; we are required to provide a list of all the vendors to the tax department.   Customers are entitled to receipts with your name, phone number, email, description of merchandise and price.  In addition, this helps them find you for future purchases.

WIFI: The Wifi service is not reliable. If your success depends on Wifi, you should be prepared with a back-up option such as a Mifi unit from your wireless carrier.

If you choose to sign up for wifi on site, when you attempt to access the web, the page in which to order and pay for wifi will pop up.